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    • FIFA WORLD CUP PREVIEW: Cameroon v Serbia, Korea Republic v Ghana, Brazil v Switzerland, Portugal v Uruguay
      Brazil will be without Neymar, so all eyes will be on how they perform against Switzerland without their star man. Portugal narrowly escaped with three points from their opening match against Ghana but will be buoyed by their attacking threat against Uruguay - Leao, Felix, and star man Ronaldo all look to be in fine form.
      SBS 28/11 10:14
    • RBA governor Philip Lowe apologises for interest rate guidance
      For much of last year the Reserve Bank said conditions for a rate rise would not be seen until 2024. The RBA Governor Phillip Lowe has now apologised to mortgage holders who took out loans on that guidance. This year the bank commenced one of its most aggressive interest rate hiking cycles in decades, lifting them to a nine year high.
      SBS 28/11 10:19
    • SBS 한국어 저녁 뉴스: 2022년 11월 28일 월요일
      2022년 11월 28일 월요일 저녁 SBS 한국어 간추린 주요 뉴스입니다.
      SBS 28/11 20:17
    • Terror threat lowered for Australia
      ASIO has lowered Australia's terror threat level from probable to possible for the first time since 2014. The repatriation of so called IS brides has been taken into account in downgrading the threat level.
      SBS 28/11 08:36
    • How a simple gesture pushed this Socceroo's son into the limelight at the World Cup
      Mitchell Duke scored the match-winning goal for the Socceroos against Tunisia on Saturday, but it was his son Jaxson who garnered just as much attention.
      SBS 28/11 07:36
    • Royal Life Saving launches summer safety campaign
      As summer approaches, Royal Life Saving Australia has launched a new campaign to combat a significant rise in the number of drowning deaths in Australia.A recent report from the organisation found a 20 year high in drowning deaths over the 2021 to 2022 period, with adult men having the highest proportion of deadly incidents.Royal Life Saving Australia and local surf clubs have also been making an ongoing effort to target Australia's migrant community by providing in-language resources and culturally-specific programs to help educate on water safety.
      SBS 28/11 07:47
    • Climate council warns extreme weather events continue to threaten us
      2022 will be remembered as the year of ‘the great deluge’ – that’s the message from the Climate Council which today released its latest report, warning the danger from climate fuelled extreme weather events is far from over. It’s calling for immediate action to reduce emissions, switching fossil fuel subsides for renewables energy projects.
      SBS 28/11 07:51
    • Reserve Bank governor apologises for 'regrettable' interest rate comments
      Reserve Bank governor Philip Lowe has apologised for suggesting to Australians that interest rates were going to stay low.
      SBS 28/11 07:10
    • Scott Morrison to face censure motion
      The federal government has confirmed plans to censure former Prime Minister Scott Morrison over his secret appointment to several ministries while he was leading the previous Coalition government. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese says cabinet has endorsed all six recommendations of the Bell report into the secret ministries.
      SBS 28/11 05:29
    • SBS On the Money: How 'bracketing' is hurting small online retailers as industry sales fall
      Retail sales fell for the first time this year as the impact of seven interest rate rises in a row starts to hit the consumer. SBS Finance Editor Ricardo Gonçalves speaks with Brian Walker from the Retail Doctor Group to find out how retailers are coping, how 'bracketing' is hurting them, and what it means for consumers. Plus, Julia Lee from State Street SPDR ETFs on the day on the market.
      SBS 28/11 06:00
    • People are protesting against strict COVID rules across China. Could a violent crackdown be next?
      Commentators say protests in China as unprecedented, but will they actually lead to any change? Here's what you need to know.
      SBS 28/11 06:17
    • 다수 장관직 ‘셀프 임명’ 모리슨 …견책안 직면
      앤소니 알바니지 연방총리가 다수 장관직 ‘셀프 임명’ 사태와 관련, 스콧 모리슨 전 총리에 대한 견책안이 상정될 것이라고 확인했다.
      SBS 28/11 17:03
    • Evening News Bulletin 28 November 2022
      ASIO lowers Australia's national terrorism threat level from 'probable' to 'possible'; Nationwide protests continue in China, against the zero-COVID policy and lockdowns; The Socceroos say they have no plans to play it safe, as they gear up for the World Cup clash with Denmark.
      SBS 28/11 04:55
    • RBA boss 'sorry' to those who bought homes based on low interest rate forecast
      Philip Lowe has admitted language around the central bank's prediction that interest rates wouldn't rise until 2024 wasn't clear enough, and apologised for the miscommunication.
      SBS 28/11 05:07
    • Anthony Albanese confirms Scott Morrison will face censure motion over secret ministries
      Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has confirmed that former prime minister Scott Morrison will face a censure motion over the secret ministries scandal, saying the former leader's actions "were corrosive of trust in government".
      SBS 28/11 03:20
    • Why Kyiv's former boxer mayor is trading verbal blows with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy
      Kyiv's mayor, former boxer Vitali Klitschko, and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy have clashed over the capital's efforts to help residents withstand freezing temperatures and power cuts.
      SBS 28/11 04:08
    • Australia's spy agency downgrades terrorism threat level for the first time in eight years
      Australia's National Terrorism Threat Level has been downgraded from "probable" to "possible". ASIO says there are enduring threats but the likelihood of actual attacks has dropped.
      SBS 28/11 02:27
    • SBS News in Easy English Bulletin 28 November 2022
      ASIO lowers Australia's national terrorism threat level from 'probable' to 'possible'; A new report indicates that Queensland has paid the most for Australia's weather disasters; Germany avoids World Cup elimination after a one all draw with Spain.
      SBS 28/11 02:48
    • Socceroos prepare for crunch clash against Denmark
      The Socceroos say they’re not getting carried away with their World Cup win over Tunisia because their job is not yet done. Victory over Denmark would see them through to the Round of 16. A draw could do the same, but Australia has no plans to play it safe.
      SBS 28/11 01:20
    • Middday Bulletin 28 November 2022
      A man missing in floodwaters in the New South Wales Riverina; Political controversy erupts after a fatal landslide in an Italian holiday town; Germany avoids World Cup elimination after a one all draw with Spain.
      SBS 28/11 01:32